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Portland Duct Cleaning Services

Importance of Having Clean Air Ducts

In a typical six-room home, up to 40-lbs of dust is created annually through everyday living. Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home by taking air in and breathing air out. We generate plenty of contaminants and air pollutants such as dander, dust, and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated five to seven times per day, on average. Over time, this re-circulation causes a build-up of contaminants in the ductwork.

Dirty ducts may be contributing to larger health issues or harboring contaminants that could cause serious problems for people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders, or some environmental allergies.

Learn more or schedule your quick and comprehensive Portland duct cleaning service by contacting us online or calling (503) 783-8488 today!

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Professional Duct Cleaning

Did you know that clean air ducts are essential for maintaining good indoor air quality? Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants can build up in your ductwork, leading to poor air quality and potential health issues for you and your family. Our professional duct cleaning services in Portland can help remove these pollutants, improving the air you breathe and creating a healthier home environment.

Benefits of professional duct cleaning include:

  • Reduction of allergens and irritants
  • Improved airflow and HVAC system efficiency
  • Elimination of musty odors and stale air
  • Prevention of mold and mildew growth
  • Extended lifespan of your HVAC system

Don't let dirty ducts compromise your indoor air quality. Contact our team today to schedule a professional duct cleaning and breathe easier in your home.

Commonly Asked Questions

How often should air ducts be cleaned?

It is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. However, homes with pets, smokers, or residents with allergies or asthma may require more frequent cleanings.

Can dirty air ducts affect energy efficiency?

Yes, dirty air ducts can restrict airflow, making your HVAC system work harder to maintain the desired temperature. This can lead to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

What are the signs that air ducts need to be cleaned?

Signs that your air ducts may need cleaning include visible mold growth, an excessive amount of dust around the vents, musty odors when the HVAC system is running, and an increase in allergy symptoms among occupants.

Do you offer any additional services along with duct cleaning?

In addition to duct cleaning, we also offer dryer vent cleaning as part of our premium package. This helps prevent fire hazards and improves the efficiency of your dryer.

Are your technicians certified to perform duct cleaning?

Yes, our technicians are certified and trained to perform duct cleaning using specialized equipment to ensure thorough and effective cleaning of the supply, intake, and return ducts throughout your home.

5 Signs You Need Duct Cleaning

1. Visible dust in your ducts or on your air vents - If you have dusty air vents then you can feel free to open them up and check your ducts with a flashlight.

2. Suffering indoor air quality - If you're noticing an uptick in dusty air or that your indoor air quality has suffered in any way, call in our Portland duct cleaning experts to at least inspect your ducts and offer you a free estimate.

3. A dusty AC - Similarly to dust on your air vents, if you have bits and debris around your AC, particularly in the blower fan it could be because there has been substantial dust accumulation in your ducts.

4. Smells that are off - When it comes to smells, it's always best to trust your instincts. There can be dust, mold and mildew in your ducts and it's better safe than sorry when it's the air you breath.

5. Rising utility bills - If you're seeing utility bills that are steadily climbing, it could be because of the additional friction that's happening in your ducts so call in our duct cleaning specialists. It could also be that you're suffering from a leak and could use sealing as well.

To learn more or request an appointment for duct cleaning in Portland, Bend, or the surrounding areas, call us at (503) 783-8488!

Do Your Dryer Vent Cleaning

98% of your dryer vent cannot be seen as it is in a confined area inside your walls, floor joist, crawl space, and attic. Your lint trap confines about 60% of the lint, the other 40% goes up and through your dryer vent and dryer vent system. The accumulation of lint in the dryer vent or dryer vent system is a real fire hazard. In fact, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) reports that 18,000 structure fires a year in the U.S. are caused by clogged or blocked dryer vents.

Aside from fire prevention, a clean dryer vent also offers the following benefits:

  • Gets rid of allergens
  • Prevents carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Extends the life of your dryer
  • Improves the operation of the dryer

Count on us for all your Portland dryer vent cleaning and duct cleaning in Bend, Portland, or beyond.

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